Clinical Aromatherapy for 

Dental Professionals

  • Decrease Patient Anxiety

  • Increase Patient Recall

  • Boost Practice Revenue

Ascents® Clinical Aromatherapy for Dental Professionals

The Clinical Research Speaks for Itself

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How Does Clinical Aromatherapy Increase Dental Practice Revenue
by Decreasing Patient Anxiety?

Research shows that dental anxiety affects 5-8% of all individuals. An additional 20% of patients only see their dentist when experiencing a dental emergency or another urgent dental issue. 

This is more than just an issue of dental and general health; it is also a matter of lost revenue for practice owners. Dental anxiety often leads to missed appointments, cancellations and difficulties with patient recall.

A simple, effective solution that has been proven to help ease the fears of those experiencing dental anxiety is the use of in-office aromatherapy. Studied in clinical settings, including dental offices, research has proven aromatherapy eases patient anxiety quickly, and naturally. 

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