Vision Statement


Aeroscena® has pioneered the science of evidence-based aromatherapy for improving human health and wellness. This includes the development of aromatherapeutic formulas to address conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, nausea, and pain.



Aeroscena was founded in 2010 by CEO Mark Kohoot while he was acting as an advisor to Dr. Michael Roizen, Chief Wellness Officer at the Cleveland Clinic, where Aeroscena’s main office is now headquartered. Both saw the opportunity to elevate aromatherapy to the level of medical standards via the use of rigorous quality standards in concert with clinical research and testing in major hospitals and healthcare institutions.  

Since the company’s inception, Aeroscena has established a new paradigm in a previously unregulated arena by delivering transparency and quality alongside its evidence-based Ascents®-brand aromatherapy formulas. Developing strong, collaborative relationships with partner researchers and institutions has paved the way for important clinical research, including positive outcomes regarding the treatment of pain, nausea, anxiety and insomnia. Aeroscena’s Ascents products are currently in use in 100s of healthcare facilities, including Children’s National (Washington D.C.); Children’s Hospital (Omaha, NE); Moffitt Cancer Center (Tampa, FL), and Mayo Clinic locations. 

In setting the standard for medical and scientific rigor in the field of aromatherapy and phytoceuticals, Aeroscena has innovated unique IP along the way – including cold diffusion technology for Aeroscena’s patented Ascents Gels: the first-ever natural, solid polymer, essential oil gel. The Ascents System enables clean diffusion without the use of water or heat. These have been crucial factors for the system’s adoption into healthcare settings, as water can breed viruses, bacteria and mold, while heat can damage the delicate compounds contained in essential oils, lessening their therapeutic impact.

In addition to gaining traction in healthcare, the company has also experienced widespread adoption among hospitality brands seeking to meet the wellness and safety expectations of their clientele through functional, natural scents for both common areas and guest rooms. Delos Living, green building/indoor environment wellness experts, began offering Aerosena’s Ascents aromatherapy system in 2013 after significant research into the safest, most natural way to deliver scent into its Stay Well™ Suites at select MGM, Marriott and Wyndham locations. 


Company Milestones



  • Maternal and Pediatric Health
    • Morning sickness associated with pregnancy – Cleveland Clinic
    • Children’s Tantrum Mitigation – The University of California at Irvine

  • Palliative & Supportive Care
    • Mood, Nausea & Pain – Children’s Hospital & Medical Center (Nebraska)
    • Nausea & Anxiety – Moffitt Cancer Center
    • Virtual Reality Art Therapy – Drexel/Johns Hopkins

  • Pain Management
    • Post-Knee Replacement Surgery pain management - University of Washington

  • Anxiety 
    • Anxiety Reduction in Waiting Rooms - Cleveland Clinic
    • Anxiety Reduction During Venipuncture - Children’s National Medical Center (Washington D.C.)

Recommended by Doctors, Used by Hospitals®

  • Evidenced-based formulas: Sleep, Calm, Focus, Energize, Curb, Nausea Relief and Pain Management and a vast formula roadmap for many health conditions.

  • Natural/functional fragrances: Signature scents that are functional or simply beautiful; includes Fresh, designed for Delos Living’s Stay Well Suites program. 

  • Delivery systems: Personal inhalers based on principles of fluid dynamics; patented gel-based polymerized essential oil; cold-fusion diffuser maximizes scent impact while eliminating spillage/mess; scent habituation mitigated via unique diffuser technology/timing settings.


What's Next? The Future of Scent

Aeroscena is committed to building both its healthcare and consumer footprint with continued clinical research regarding current and future essential oil formulations and expanding its line of OTC interventions for common ailments. At the same time, Aeroscena will be introducing natural scenting and functional-fragrance options for use wherever synthetic fragrances might be found. For example:

  • Hospitality expansion: Lobby and common area natural, custom signature scents
  • Natural air fresheners: Solids (all shapes & sizes); aerosol sprays; auto air fresheners)
  • Personal care/cosmetics: Hand wipes; sanitizers; natural perfumes; feminine hygiene
  • Home care: Laundry/dish detergents; cleaning products; vacuum bags
  • Pet care: Shampoos; cat litter (many essential oils are toxic to animals)
  • Automotive: New car smell & branding; behavior management (e.g., infusing vehicles to keep drivers alert or to manage aggression)
  • Industrial: Use of polymerized fragrance to identify wear and defects