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Aeroscena® -- Consumer

Aeroscena® is the research and development organization behind Ascents®, the leading brand of therapeutic phyto-inhalants™ in the world. To explore the Ascents® product catalog, please visit ShopAscents.com.

Explore Ascents® Products

Aeroscena® -- Commercial

We partner with leading brands in the cosmetics, hospitality, household and wellness product industries to incorporate our science-backed wellness formuals into their goods and experiences. Contact us to find out how Aeroscena can enhance the health of your brand.

Commercial Applications

Aeroscena® -- Clinical

Aeroscena® believes in the important role clinical-grade phyto-inhalants™ can play in improving patient outcomes and effectively treating a range of symptoms. To achieve our vision, we partner with some of the most-respected research organizations in the world to further understanding of the Science of Scent.

Clinical Applications
Aeroscena® Innovations: Explore Clinical Aromatherapy Research & Development

The entire Ascents® clinical aromatherapy portfolio may be purchased @ shopascents.com