Aeroscena: The Science of Scent

Posted by Mark Kohoot on

Aeroscena® was founded 6 years ago with the purpose of exploring the science behind aromatherapy and legitimizing its use in the most demanding environments. Essential oils, for inhalation or otherwise, have been neglected by the traditional medical establishment and generally unregulated by the FDA. We hoped to prosper by applying clinical rigor to this promising class of new therapies, but the lack of regulatory guidelines gave us virtually no framework from which to work. So we did it ourselves.

In collaboration with the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute, we have worked to create a set of standards for essential oils, with the hope that they will be adopted by FDA. Aside from setting quantitive guidelines for quality, purity and the material measurements that are critically important for safety, we've also to created a nomenclature for the industry.

The spread of misinformation, unsubstantiated medical claims and outright quackery in the current market can be traced to this lack of lexicon. What do "pure", "natural", "blended", "therapeutic grade", "clinical grade" and the like actually mean?  In reality, none of those words mean a thing, at least not to scientists or anyone in the medical industry. 

As we begin to share our guidelines with our consumers, friends, industry partners and regulatory agencies, you'll will be assured of our truth in labeling. When we say something is natural, you'll know exactly what that means and why-- via scientific, quantitative data.

Yours in truth,

Mark Kohoot, Founder & CEO

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