Essential Oils Market Report

Posted by Mark Kohoot on

A recently released marketing report from Prinova contained some especially relevant points of interest for those in the essential oils space. For instance, they are seeing strong demand for essential oils/naturals in the wider market, with a special emphasis on transparency in terms of product origins and purity.  This trend appears to be driven by Millennials, who want to understand where things are from and how they are produced.

For Aeroscena, these findings are especially relevant and serve as yet another confirmation that as consumers become more educated, they will demand to know everything they can about a product, especially as these items relate to health and wellness.  Questions such as, “Do these products do what they say they will?”  “Is there research to back up these claims?” “ What does ‘natural’ mean?”  “How do you define something as ‘pure’?” are not uncommon, especially from the younger generation.  As we continue to set the industry standard for what defines clinical aromatherapy, and bring that standard to a broader market audience, findings like these -- that consumer demand for truth in wellness is only growing stronger -- remain top of mind and give credence to our belief that what we are doing is important, relevant and meaningful.

Click to read the Prinova Essential Oils Market Report in its entirety


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