Commercial Applications

Enhanced Well-Being, Anywhere

Aeroscena® develops targeted, scientifically-backed formulas that create a sense of greater well-being in spas and salons, office environments, athletic facilities and within the hospitality industry, including hotels and airlines.

While offering companies an easy way to provide the benefits of clinical aromatherapy to both customers and employees in commercial settings, Aeroscena also gives businesses with retail sidelines the opportunity to generate revenue via consumer sales. Offering Ascents® personal sachets and the Ascents Diffuser System to select clientele satisfies their desire to bring the wellness benefits of clinical aromatherapy both into their homes, and with them on the go.

Salons and Spas

ascents™ by Aeroscena® for Salon and Spa Environments

Aeroscena has developed targeted aromatherapy formulas that serve the specific needs of high-end salon and spa clientele. These consumers have a strong desire to stay at the forefront of trends that may benefit their health and the willingness to pay more for services that hold the potential to assist in this quest. Creating a restful, stress-free environment for this select group of consumers can result in the desire to stay longer and increase the number of services purchased, as well as return for additional visits sooner.

When used in concert with the Ascents Clinical Aromatherapy System, Aeroscena recommends Ascents Calm No. 34 for salon and spa facilities.

Office Environments

ascents™ by Aeroscena® for Office Environments

Aeroscena, the global leader in clinical aromatherapy, provides scientifically-backed formulas to help enhance the well-being of those individuals working in office environments. Our evidence-based blends are designed to help increase productivity and enhance concentration as well as create the impression of a fresher and more health-focused office environment for both employees and visitors.

100% natural and allergen-free, Ascents Gels by Aeroscena are available in two, targeted commercial blends -- Focus No. 04 and Energize No. 17 --  that were developed to be used in concert with the Ascents Diffuser System.  These gels require no heat or water to activate and utilize our proprietary polymerization process which makes them first solid essential oils with the efficacy and performance of a liquid oil, without any of the inconvenience or drawbacks.

Athletic Facilities

ascents™ by Aeroscena® for Fitness and Training Facilities

Athletic, sports and training facilities are developed to enhance the health of members. Disappointingly, and often unbeknownst to consumers, these same facilities often utilize chemical-filled "air fresheners" in order to cover up the undesirable scents generated by sweat and body odor.  Rather than masking unpleasant smells, Aeroscena has developed clinical aromatherapy formulas that, when used with the Ascents Diffuser, not only assist in eliminating odors, but actually help contribute to enhanced individual wellness at the same time:

Energize No. 17 Ascents Gels were formulated to help increase endurance, enhance mood and combat lethargy -- three factors that are vital for quality performance outcomes.

Focus No. 04 Ascents Gels were developed to help sharpen focus and increase mental acuity -- both of which are essential for serious athletes or others involved in complex training regimes.


Aeroscena understands that brand perception begins before the guest even walks through the door.  Once a guest is on-premise, one of the very first impressions of their surroundings is that which is generated via the scent environment.  Because scent is one of humanity's most powerful senses, it has the ability to influence many consumer behaviors, from mood to spending patterns; even their desire to return.

As the premier source for clinical aromatherapy, we provide both private-label and Aeroscena-branded signature scent programs for public spaces, such as hotel reception areas, and for individual guest rooms as well.  For those interested in the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy, hospitality groups may also choose from one of our four clinical blends: Sleep No. 91, Focus No. 04, Calm No. 34 and Energize No. 17.

For those hotels offering select goods for purchase, Aeroscena is able to provide retail programs that allow guests to bring signature scents home with them, and if desired, any of the four therapeutic blends as well.

Air Travel

Concerns about cabin air quality have been a topic of much discussion and debate over the last decade. Even though research has generated very little evidence that cabin air is any less healthy than other indoor environments, it is still true that the air often smells stale or malodorous, often due to engine fumes or air recirculation.

Aeroscena provides a simple way to assist in making cabin air smell fresher, without resulting to synthetic chemicals that merely cover odors up.