Focus No. 04

Focus No. 04

The Science

The active ingredients in Focus No. 04 have been studied in clinical environments as treatments for attention deficits and to help increase concentration. Peppermint aromatherapy in particular is thought to work due to the effect of the organic compounds that comprise the oil -- such as menthol -- on human physiology.

It is believed that when inhaled, menthol directly stimulates the hippocampus (the part of the brain’s limbic system that controls emotions and emotional behavior), telling the brain to “wake up.” This makes Focus No. 04 an ideal therapy for those who wish to enhance mental acuity and sharpen memory.

ascents™ essential oils are naturally extracted from plants’ stems, leaves and flowers via gentle steam distillation*, leaving the delicate, active compounds found in all essential oils intact and able to consistently produce the desired therapeutic outcomes.

Focus No. 04 is available to consumers through the Ascents store and leading retailers. For commercial and clinical orders, please request a custom quote.

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